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„Good wine“

What is good wine? We have been asking ourselves this question every day for over 40 years. Good wine does not have to be expensive, but it can not be „cheap“ either. Good wine is a fine craft mixed with hard work. Putting in quality work in the vineyard and in the cellar have clear payoffs. Good wine should definitely be worth its price, whether it costs 5 or 50 euros.

We select wines that are true to their taste and which remain exciting with the second glass. We know our winemakers and businesses personally and know their claims and services to be authentic. Good wine is not produced by chance nor by excessive interference. Good wine is produced with a fine balance between natural processes and production. Good wine reflects the conditions of its development, climatic, geological and weather-related conditions – both in the basement and on the bottle.

Good wine is an experience, whether it harmoniously accompanies a meal, stands alone, or is drunk on the terrace among friends. Good wine goes with the occasion.

Harmonious, profound, lively and balanced, those are words which describe good wine. Taste can be learned, but taste always remains individual. Our sense of taste depends on many components: our experience, the mood, the weather, and even the occasion.

Good wine is wine you enjoy and we are delighted to help you find your „good wine“ with a tasting in our shop when you come in.

Catharina d’Aprile & Team

Catharina d’Aprile has been with Vinum since early 2012. Having been a long-term employee of Andreas Schiechel, she sees the takeover as more of a generational change than a change of ownership; vintages and assortments may change, but standards and quality do not.

The Berlin wine trade has changed a lot in the four decades since its founding and getting flawless and drinkable wines is much easier nowadays. However, much of what is on the market today has little to do with the artisanal product „wine“, as we understand it; it is polished beyond recognition, industrially formed, and standardized. Therefore, the selection of authentic wines and winemakers, including smaller producers, especially from France, are all the more important to us.

Authentic wine is wine which reflects the conditions of the climate, location, grape varieties and year; the factors which make terroir and Rebtypizität so tangible. We do not want to change the concentration of varieties these wineries carry; we just look for wineries who value terroir and craftsmanship when we visit trade fairs. We look for wine makers who follow their own ideas and create their own requirements for the production of their own unique wine in a way that is out of the ordinary.

Catharina d’Aprile, together with Jonas Bayat, Olivia Grabow-Herrmann, Leah Hansen, Emil Bensch and Charlotte von Ravenstein,  welcomes you to discover the special, the unique, and beautiful complex of a wide variety of wines. In this sense, we continue the long-standing tradition of Vinum Spezialitätenkontor: we don’t worship the ashes, but stir the fire!


We are happy to welcome you to our shop for oysters and a wine tasting with a menu!

The Vinum Spezialitätenkontor is located in the premises of a former butcher’s shop and the sales room is lined with Art Nouveau tiles.

Vinum, including the warehouse and basement, extends over two courtyards and occupies just under 500 square meters in the Charlottenburg Danckelmannstraße, including 80 square meters of retail space.

Services around the wine
Within Berlin: delivery service and express delivery by courier?
Outside of Berlin: Shipping by UPS in 6er / 12er or 18er packages for 7,50 €? Per package
Vouchers for events, oysters, wine, etc.
Corporate Gifts
Rental of glasses, bar tables, coolers, etc.
Advice on the planning of events
Commission deliveries of wine
Oyster Club: Oysters and other little things (link to map) from October to April always Thurs, Fri, Sat during opening hours
Creation of wine lists, advice on the assortment for gastronomy and trade
Consultation and purchase of wine cellars in collaboration with auctionata (link)
Organization of events (company parties, family celebrations etc.) in our rooms up to 60 persons (sitting) and 80 persons (standing)
Thematic tastings and menus from October to April


Wine Tasting and Menus

We regularly organize wine tastings and menus on specific themes between October and April and often host winemakers as frequent guests to introduce themselves and their wines.

In addition, twice a year you have the opportunity to taste up to a hundred wines during our in-house exhibition with the glass in hand.

Current times can be viewed under „Events“.



Between October and April, oysters and other snacks are served every Saturday. Of course, we also serve the perfect wine to go with it!

VINUM’S Oyster Saturday
Always Saturdays From October – April
10:30 am – 4:00 pm

You are welcome to come and dine with us and have various wines, snacks, and Oysters. Do not forget to reserve in advance, the oyster Saturday is regularly booked!


Whether a standing reception or 4-course menu: you can book Vinum for your event.

Just contact us or send us an e-mail with appointment request and other key data.

‚To contact form‘

Contact details:
Vinum Specialty Office
Inh .: Catharina d’Aprile von der Goltz
Danckelmannstrasse 29
14059 Berlin

Tel .: 0049 (0) 30 322 66 19
Fax: 0049 (0) 30 322 66 22

Email: VinumBerlin@gmx.de
Internet: vinumberlin.de

Metro Station:
U2 Sophie-Charlotte-Platz

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 2 pm – 7 pm
Thursday: 2 pm – 8 pm
Saturday :
[April-Sept.] 10-14 o’clock
[Oct.-Mar.] 10-16

Bank details:
Catharina d’Aprile – Vinum
IBAN: DE31 1004 0000 0220 5177 00
Commerzbank Berlin